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Monday Jun 20, 2011

Talking about small ship adventure cruising in remote Fiji. With Tony Delroy.
Mentioned: Tui Tai, Captain Cook, Blue Lagoon Cruises, Taveuni, Northern Lau Group, Levuka, Vanua Levu, Rabi, Kioa

Bora Indians - Iquitos, Peru

Sunday Sep 05, 2010

Sunday Sep 05, 2010

The female chief of the Bora indian village near Iquitos greets visitors in her native tongue. The Bora are originally from the Putumayo River near the Columbia border but were used as forced labour during the rubber boom of the late 19th century.

Eusebia - Peru - Kukama

Sunday Sep 05, 2010

Sunday Sep 05, 2010

Eusebia is the village elder at Puerto Prado on the Amazon near Iquitos. She is greeting visitors in her native language of Kukama.

Poidau - Zemei, Naga

Sunday Sep 05, 2010

Sunday Sep 05, 2010

Poidau from the Dimapur region of Assam speaks her native language of Zemei, part of the Naga tribal group.

Lydia - Kuki

Sunday Sep 05, 2010

Sunday Sep 05, 2010

Lydia from the Dimapur region of Assam speaks her native tongue of Kuki

Thursday Jun 17, 2010

Even the most intrepid adventurers need to open their Atlasas to find the Indian state of Assam. Sitting on top of Bangladesh like a turban, Assam is northeast of Calcutta along the Brahmaputra River – yes, I had to look that one up too!
Famous for some of the world’s best teas, it is also home to endangered Indian rhinoceros, tiger, deer and elephants where they live in UNESCO World Heritage-listed nature reserves
Normally out at sea, Adventure Cruise Guide editor, Roderick Eime, found himself upstream without a paddle.

Monday Dec 07, 2009

Once upon a time if you stumbled across the Marquesas, you were really lost.
Made famous in history through writings of RL Stevenson, Herman Melville and James Cook – and later through art and song of Paul Gauguin and Belgian pop star Jacques Brel – the remote French Polynesian archipelago of the Marquesas islands is now appearing on the adventure map of travellers looking for new and exotic destinations off the beaten track
Editor of Cruise Passenger Magazine’s annual Adventure Guide, Roderick Eime, has just returned from a a two week exploration of the islands aboard the hybrid cruise/freighter, Aranui 3 []

Samoa - Open for Business

Sunday Nov 01, 2009

Sunday Nov 01, 2009

Tracey Spicer and Rod Eime chat with top-rating ABC radio presenter, Tony Delroy during his regular Monday evening travel slot.

Friday Jun 19, 2009

Rod chats with top-rating ABC presenter Tony Delroy in his popular Monday night travel time slot.
In this interview Rod describes his journey aboard Coral Princess Cruises's 'Across the Top' itinerary.
See: Nightlife with Tony Delroy

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